Designer's Coffee #06: AI Videos, Growth Design Checklist, The New Dribbble Alternative and Free Career Event

February 2024 Edition

Hey guys! 👋 

This February has been packed with innovation and updates, making it a challenge to narrow down the highlights. But I've done my best to bring you what I believe are the pivotal moments that will shape the rest of our year:

  • OpenAI releases an AI video generator called “Sora”.

  • For those curious about Growth Design, I’m sharing my journey along with a free checklist to get you started. 🎁

  • The fun new Dribbble alternative.

  • Free event: Get your design career questions answered. 💼

Ready? Let's roll.

Meet Sora: AI Video Generator

OpenAI just shook the world and defined this year's biggest trend - AI Video.

We've just adapted to the wonders of text and image generation, but Sora is here to take us on a whole new adventure. Imagine crafting minute-long, high-resolution videos that blur the line between CGI and reality - yes, Sora’s text-to-video diffusion model makes it possible.

Sora AI Videos | Kristina Volchek

Videos: OpenAI

Sure, it's not without its quirks. Maybe it breaks the laws of physics here and there, or slips up on the details. But remember, this is just the beginning. This is the worst that AI video will ever be.

🤓 How it works

Sora isn't just any AI; it's a diffusion AI model that transforms your text prompts into vivid, lifelike videos. Similar to ChatGPT, all you need as a user is to feed it with your text prompt.

It can also use other images or videos as a starting point, including those generated by DALL·E. Picture the enchantment of Harry Potter's moving pictures coming to life, right in front of your eyes.

Sirius Black from Harry Potter

For the tech enthusiasts among us, Sora combines a diffusion model (DALL·E 3) with a transformer architecture (ChatGPT). The mix allows the model to process videos like ChatGPT processes text.

What’s also interesting, is the fact that Sora can generate more realistic images than the latest Midjourney version.

Images: OpenAI

As OpenAI continues to redefine the boundaries of AI possibilities, one can't help but ponder the implications of an AI-dominated landscape. How many AI startups will be eaten by OpenAI? A monopoly in the making? Perhaps.

👀 Can we try it?

Not yet… It's still in limited release, available for a small group of “red teamers” who are testing it to make sure it doesn't produce harmful or inappropriate content.

OpenAI also granted access to a select group of visual artists, designers, and filmmakers to gather the first user feedback and make sure the technology is helpful for creatives.

Sora AI Videos |Kristina Volchek

Videos: OpenAI

⛔ Wait, are there any AI Regulations?

As we dive deeper into the AI video revolution with Sora, the question of regulation looms large. It's a complex issue, with the EU and UK setting vastly different courses.

The UK's approach is very friendly to AI startups, offering a more lenient, context-based framework that's all about fostering growth and innovation.

Meanwhile, the EU is playing the role of the cautious guardian with its AI Act, the first of its kind, aiming to shield its citizens from the potential pitfalls of AI. It's a bold move, with a focus on strict oversight and possibly putting a tight leash on AI's expansive potential.

The contrast is clear: Britain is willing to work with AI companies, whereas the EU believes it must suppress & control them. I guess, we will see who is right quite soon.

Getting Started in Growth Design

This month I had the pleasure to join IniOluwa Abiodun and Emmanuel Omole to kick off the new season of the Growth Design Podcast as the first guest in their new series, "The Growth Design Career Playbook." We unpacked the essentials for anyone looking to dip their toes into Growth Design.

If you're curious about Growth Design, thinking of switching lanes in your career, or just keen on sharpening your Growth Design skills, this episode is your go-to resource. 🎙️

In our chat, I opened up about my journey: from being the Chief Marketing Officer at a tech company in Belarus to starting anew in Poland. I shared how I left behind my established career, taught myself design, started freelancing, and eventually became a growth designer.

🎧 You can listen to the episode on Spotify or watch it on YouTube.

Growth Designer’s Checklist

Inspired by our podcast session, we joined forces with the Growth Design Podcast crew to craft something special for you - "Starting with Growth Design: Your Friendly Checklist."

Growth Design Checklist, Getting Started in Growth Design | Kristina Volchek

This Notion checklist is filled with insights, guiding you through the question of whether Growth Design is your calling and outlining the essential steps to get started. Plus, it's packed with a curated list of resources on Growth and Product Design.

👉 Access your free checklist here and start your journey with a solid foundation. - The Fun & Casual Dribbble?

Recently, I joined, a new sharing platform for designers to connect, share and grow. And I love it. Finally, a place where I can post a bit more fun stuff & not fully finished designs.

The Fun & Casual Dribbble - | Kristina Volchek

😎 Why Layers Stands Out

For the longest time, I've been on the lookout for an alternative to Dribbble and Behance, which, to be honest, have started to feel a bit too serious.

Remember the days when Dribbble was all about quick, fun shares? Now, with the introduction of case studies, it feels like uploading a single piece of work requires a lot of effort.

Created by Liam McCabe, Layers is solving this problem. It's exactly what many of us in the design community have been missing—a space where it's okay to share drafts, work-in-progress, quirky experiments, or whatever design doodle you cooked up over lunch. You can immediately notice the difference on the explore page.

Layers offer a posting experience that's simple and enjoyable. Just upload an image, add tags, and hit publish.

🎟️ Get Your Invite to Layers

Layers is currently in beta so you can’t just join. But luckily for you, I've got 3 invites to Layers up for grabs!

Please reply to this email if you want to get the invite link. These invites will go to the first three responders, so let's make it a fun race, shall we? 😅 

Live Q&A Session: Navigating UX and Product Design Job Hunting in 2024

Live Q&A Session: Navigating UX & Product Design Job Search in 2024 | Kristina Volchek Kristi.Digital

📅 When: Thursday, February 29, 9 AM PT (6 PM CET)

How do I land my first design job? What's the best way to showcase data in my portfolio? How do I add outcomes to my case study?

If these questions sound familiar, you're in the right place.

Join me and Liftyz career coaches for a live Q&A session, where we will tackle these questions. Whether you're curious about crafting impactful case studies or wondering how recent tech layoffs and AI advancements are reshaping the job landscape, we've got you covered.

This is your opportunity to catch up on the latest trends and tips for the 2024 job search market.

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