I visited the Design Museum + Join me for a free event

✦ Espresso Edition ✦

Hey guys! 👋

Hope you're doing well. Just sipping on my coffee and thought I'd drop in with some updates:

  • Growth Design Case Study: a free event to learn more about growth design and my experience gaining 66 million users within a year at Sweatcoin

  • the Design Museum in London: sharing a couple of exhibits that caught my eye

Let's dive in.

Learn about Growth Design

First up, I'll be sharing some insights at an event hosted by GrowthDesigners.co. It's laid-back, informal, and yep, free.

I'll be diving into my experiences as a Senior Product Designer, particularly focusing on the journey of how the Sweatcoin growth team secured 66 million new users within a year using in-app referrals, affiliate marketing, ads and organic channels. If you're curious - swing by.

🗓 Date: 22nd November
⏰ Time: 8:30 am PT / 5.30 pm CET

I'd love for you to join, whether you're in design, marketing, or just curious about the topic. It's free, and I hope to provide some valuable insights that could benefit many of you!

Secure your spot right here. Hope to see you there! 🙌

Visiting the Design Museum in London

I'm in London right now, visiting a friend. And I took the chance to visit London's Design Museum!

Gotta love that it calls itself "the Design Museum", like it's the most important one in the world. Like most museums in the UK, entry is free. I checked out a couple of exhibitions.

Email is Dead (ironic emailing you about it 😅) is an exhibition made in partnership with email marketing software Mailchimp.

It was an interesting look at how email weaves into our daily grind. I managed to snap a few pics which I’ll share below. You can dive a bit deeper with Mailchimp if you like.

Then there’s #DesignerMakerUser”. It's still on if you fancy a visit. It’s a chilled dive into the evolution of design, from the designer's desk to the user's hands. Took some snaps here too for a little preview.

Oh, and keep an eye out for some quirky “Push-Me-Pull-You” and other antifurniture pieces by Fyodor Pavlov-Andreevich. Gave me a chuckle.

That's about it for now. Always a pleasure sharing bits and pieces of the design world with you. Till next time!

Stay curious,

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